Russian Association of Philosophical Practitioners

Philosophical practice is a new trend of modern philosophy, responding to the challenges of time. Philosophical practice is acquaintance with the philosophical tradition in a new format, as close as possible to the world of everyday life.

Philosophy here is not just a collection of knowledge or an exposition of philosophical systems, it is a form of spiritual activity aimed at posing, analyzing and solving certain worldview problems that concern modern human, the problems, which are connected with the development of a holistic view of the world and determining the place in it:

  • philosophical practice always has a personal dimension. This spiritual activity begins not with the analysis of ideas and systems accumulated by the philosophical tradition, for the satisfaction of intellectual interest, but with a person’s awareness of his own situation in the world through his worldview issues of concern.
  • questions about freedom, sense, fear, loneliness are, in fact, questions about incompleteness of the existence, questions about dissatisfaction with routine and automatisms of everyday life.
  • it is a “philosophical illness”, which can only be cured by philosophical methods. These personal questions can be answered only by the person himself, after properly understanding himself, and by showing “care of the self” in the philosophical sense of the word.
  • each of us has ideas about his/her own existence; there is a certain worldview position, that is, his/her philosophy of life. The problem is whether it helps us in our daily existence, does it help improve the quality of our lives, or is it just a collection of template schemes and “pocket arguments” borrowed from the outside?

Philosophical practice helps us complete, “fulfill” our unfinished ideas, referring to the philosophical tradition. With due regard for the rich philosophical tradition, which contains of deeply thoughts and completed ideas in philosophical texts, it can serve as a kind of mirror for us, reflecting in which we are more deeply aware of ourselves and the world.

Philosophical practice as an international movement for almost forty-year history of its existence has accumulated many forms and methods of individual and group philosophical work.

It is time to generalize the experience gained and coordinate the efforts of enthusiasts in this field. By combining joint efforts, we will be able to conduct our work more qualitatively and effectively.

We need to exchange experience, get acquainted with new methods and approaches in this field, enriching our own theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

This is the goal of our Russian Association of Philosophical Practitioners

The activities of the Association are not limited to the territory of Russia.


  • We are actively interested in strengthening existing and establishing new international relations with practicing philosophers around the world.
  • The Association is guided in its activities by free democratic principles.
  • The doors to it are always open to everyone who shares the ideas of philosophical practice and views philosophy as an effective means of taking care of the self and improving the quality of the life.
  • Our website will help us to coordinate our efforts better. Here you will find all relevant information about the history of the movement of philosophical practice, materials on the organization of work in this area; you will get acquainted with new methods and approaches in this field.
  • Through this website you will be able to establish links with Russian and foreign centers, share your own experiences, find friends and like-minded people.
  • Our website will serve as a broad window for you in the world of philosophical practice and will open for you new prospects for self-realization in this area.