Philosophical Practice and Higher Education – Monograph

The collective monograph is the result of the collaboration of its co-authors in various forms of activity over the past two years.
Two scientific and educational events of 2017 contributed to the theoretical and methodological deepening of the research of the topic: the summer philosophical international seminar in Crimea, which brought together representatives of universities from Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Moscow, Volgograd, France, Israel, America and the autumn school-seminar with international participation at Urals, the main content of which was the development of the experience of invited foreign colleagues from America and Italy. The monograph presents the resource of “philosophical practice” that has been reflexed to date in the educational environment, its role and capabilities in identifying the paradigm bases of the individual route of personal development of a new type of educational subject during the period of transformation of the higher education model.

Full text for download (RU, pdf)