We bring to your attention the project of St. Petersburg philosophers “Philosopher & I”, whose goal is to popularize philosophical knowledge and create an effective system of philosophical education for all comers. This project assumes: an introductory course on the history of philosophy; distance course on the history of philosophy; a phenomenological introduction to philosophy and the propaedeutic course of philosophy. In addition, you can take part in the annual city philosophical festival “FeelFest”, public lectures in St. Petersburg, you can become a member of the events of the Logic and Philosophical Club of St. Petersburg.

On our website you can find personal pages of philosophers-consultants from Russia, the USA, Canada, Serbia, where you can individually consult online with the world’s leading philosophers.

You can become a member of the Philosophical Cafe, whose meetings are held regularly on Sundays at the cafe “April” at 17:00 (address: Chelyabinsk, Truda St., 78, Business Center “Newton”, 2nd floor). The work of the Philosophical Cafe is based on the methodology of philosophical companionship. Philosophical companionship is a group of interlocutors who together reflect on one or another of life’s problems, acquiring a meaningful philosophical experience, expanding the boundaries of their understanding. Instead of arguing and defending one’s own opinion, the interlocutors, abandoning their habitual thinking styles, tend to find a response from each other as musicians improvising together, creating an inspiring “music” of understanding that gives a sense of depth and fullness of meanings. Interlocutors meet online or face to face, often “armed” with a philosophical text, and with the help of the organizer of the conversation, which sets its basic procedures, strive to achieve mutual understanding and depth of meanings.