16th International Conference on Philosophical Practice

Philosophical practice for self-knowledge by means of intellectual creativity

July 27-30, 2021

 Dear colleagues!

The Organizing Committee of the Conference, taking into account the wishes of the conference participants and representatives of the PP associations, decided to postpone the conference to July 27-30, 2021. As in the previous year the conference will be held online.

Welcome – https://www.icpp2020.ru/en/

In order to meet the wishes of some participants, the conference organizing committee organizes online conference on July 28-31, 2020. It was our symbolic response to the pandemic situation, a sign that we are always ready to communicate (albeit virtually) despite the difficulties. 

Philosophical practice began to institutionalize relatively recently – in the 80-90s of the last century. It was at the turn of the century that it became necessary to cast off the mask of purely theoretical science from philosophy. The practical orientation of the new scientific worldview required the practical orientation of philosophy. The main mission of this intellectual movement is to make philosophy an effective means for achieving a conscious and happy life. Unlike new religions, frightening with their fanatical obsession, socially enslaving and juggling with quasi-scientific terminology, philosophical practice has neither a “guru” nor a “churches”, does not consider itself a “science of everything” and does not engage in preaching activities. A free and independent person who creates the ideas of his own life, a person who wants to be heard and who is given such an opportunity – this is the foundation of philosophical practice. Philosophy, sooner or later, had to free itself from the role of the “handmaid” of religion, ideology or science and become the practical matter of every person. This is what happened.
Since 1994, international conferences on philosophical practice have been held in different countries of the world. Countries such as Canada (1994), the Netherlands (1996, 2010), USA (1997), Germany (1998), United Kingdom (1999), Norway (2001), Denmark (2004), Spain (2006), Italy (2008), South Korea (2012), Greece (2013), Serbia (2014), Switzerland (2016), Mexico (2018), hosted these conferences. We are very proud of the organization of the 16th international conference on philosophical practice in Russia.

Main themes

Practices of “epimeleia/cura sui”: history and modernity
Philosophical propaedeutics.
Individual philosophical counseling: basic techniques.
Group philosophical counseling: basic techniques.
Philosophical practice in education, business, management, social work.
Philosophy for children.
Philosophical practice and psychotherapy.
Critical thinking and Socratic dialogue.
How to organize a philosophical partnership.
Philosophical way of life.

The main objective

The objective of the 16th International Conference on Philosophical Practice is that philosophical practitioners from around the world share their experience through a series of sessions that will show the public what philosophical practice is, what are the goals, principles and methods of work of the main directions of philosophical practice, what potential intellectual creativity is inherent in this work and how philosophical practice relates and interacts with academic philosophy.

For all questions, please contact Sergey Borisov: borisovsv69@mail.ru