What is ecology of consciousness? And where is the place here for philosophical practice?

Dear Friends!

We, together with my dear friend and philosophical partner within the framework of the International Scientific and Educational Forum “Communication Leader of the XXI Century”, will facilitate two events dedicated to the ecology of consciousness. In my opinion, the blog is not the place for broad scientific discussions and solid terminology frameworks. Therefore, instead of scientific definitions and the establishment of correlations, I will confine myself to a small sketch revealing the essence of the ecology of consciousness.

Not so long ago I was walking in the park. In front of me, with all the parade, a young family with a four-year-old boy strolled. The young mother began to rant about how hard it was to breathe in Chelyabinsk, how the janitors did not work and, in general, how dirty is our city. And then the youngster, having eaten his candy, with a feeling of accomplishment, throws a wrapper under his feet. Not noticing such a “not pure” act of his child, parents continue to riotously scold our dirty city.

So, ladies & gentlemen, it is not dirty that is around us, it is dirty inside us; our head is “dirty”. And here is the ecology of consciousness aimed to understand this. And philosophical practice offers interesting methods of “cleaning” the consciousness of modern person.

Let us clean our minds together on March 23 (Friday) at 018, the main building of SUSU, at the seminars of Artur Dydrov (11.30) and Regina Penner (13.35).

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