Retreat Depth Philosophy in March 2019

Our members Sergey Borisov and Kirill Rezvushkin are now on retreat. The group “Depth Philosophy” was created by Ran Lahav more than a year ago. You can read the Manifesto of the Deep Philosophy here здесь 

“In Deep Philosophical Practice we focus on the encounter between the individual’s concrete situation and abstract universal ideas. Thus, when we deal with personal experiences and issues, we take individuals beyond their specific condition, beyond their singularity, relating them to the broader horizons of human life. Conversely, when we work with a philosophical text, we do not remain on the theoretical level of abstract discussions, but relate it to the individual’s concrete situation, personal issues, emotions and behaviors. In this way, philosophy becomes a creative dialogue between the individual and universal human issues, in which the two resonate with each other.”

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