ICPP 2021 состоится 27-30 июля 2021 в онлайн-формате

Philosophical practice for self-knowledge by means of intellectual creativity
July 27-30, 2021

Dear colleagues!

The Organizing Committee of the Conference, taking into account the wishes of the conference participants and representatives of the PP associations, decided to postpone the conference to July 27-30, 2021. As in the previous year the conference will be held online. https://www.icpp2020.ru/en/

In order to meet the wishes of some participants, the conference organizing committee organizes online conference on July 28-31, 2020. It was our symbolic response to the pandemic situation, a sign that we are always ready to communicate (albeit virtually) despite the difficulties.


Preparations for ICPP 2021 continue. Registration for the conference continues and also registration for the courses before and after the conference (until April 30), which are conducted by well-known philosophers-practitioners. Despite the fact that some of you registered for courses last year, we ask you to re-register (until April 30).


One-day online courses by Gerd Achenbach (July 26)

One-day online courses by Ora Gruengard (July 26)

One-day online courses by Jose Barrientos (July 26)

One-day online courses by Lydia Amir (July 31)

One-day online courses by Lou Marinoff (July 31)

One-day online courses by Oscar Brenifier (July 31) 

We wish you all good health! We hope for the best!

ICPP 2021 Crew

Welcome https://www.icpp2020.ru/

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