In the search of philosophical depth

In February 2018, the First International retreat for the Deep Philosophy was held. It was organized by a small group of philosophers who are striving for depth in their philosophical practice; a small but very “motley” (i.e. from different countries, including Italy, Germany, Holland, Austria, the USA and Russia).

Retreat took the form of a philosophical companionship, when as a result of resonating with a philosophical text and with companions participants immerse themselves in philosophical meditations.

Today, members of the Deep Philosophy group are pondering over how to present their ideas to a wide audience. Among the possible options we decided on the format of the book, the publication of which is planned on May-June 2018.

And while the book is being written, the manifesto of “Deep Philosophy” is shown to your attention.

If your ideas resonate with ours – we are always open to communication!

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