Philosophical Wisdom in the Diary

 and 365 days of not very creative person...

The tradition of keeping personal records exists for a sufficient amount of time. It is presented both in products of mass culture, and in classical works. True, here, the subject, who leads these records, as a rule, is a young maiden of the Turgenev type. What chauvinism! We will not stick to it. After all, as is known, great scientists, thinkers and representatives of culture sketched their future discoveries on scraps of paper. And these are also personal records.

So, my colleagues and I pondered (or rather, our esteemed colleague Ekaterina G. Milyaeva reflected, and then shared this thought with us), why not add a note of philosophy to everyday life. And you can do it in a diary format. But do not force a person to reflect philosophically, and with the help of a diary, give him a drop of philosophical knowledge from the treasury of world thought. This is the philosophical practice. Only instead of the philosopher-mentor, the mentor is the well-known philosophical person, in some cases, long ago sunk into oblivion. This is the philosophical practice of any (officially! by profession!) non-philosopher with himself, when the philosophers of the past and the present share with him their knowledge on a particular subject.

I warn you, the philosophical diary is only under development! But today it is possible to designate its conceptual basis. If this is a diary, it consists of 12 months, each of which is broken down into days. Each month in our daily notebook has its own author, and each author realizes his own path according to the philosophical problem stated at the beginning of the month: fear, love, freedom, thinking, philosophizing, finally. During the day the reader-writer (or scriptor, as Roland Barthes liked to say), a small quotation is offered. It’s not just a quote, it’s an invitation to reflect together.

The plans include the publication of a paper version of the philosophical diary and its version for mobile apps.

How is such a form of presentation of philosophical thought, dear scriptors, for you?

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